Appraisals and Consulting Services

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"Off The Coast of Labrador"William Bradford (1823 - 1892)Oil on Canvas -Appraisals and Consulting Services
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"Off The Coast of Labrador"
William Bradford (1823 - 1892)
Oil on Canvas

We provide formal appraisal reports for the purpose of:

Insurance companies require an independent appraisal for scheduled fine art items. Periodic appraisal review and updates ensure that insurance coverage schedules reflect changes in the art market.

Appraisals for donation determine the appropriate value of items donated to non-profit and charitable organizations. The Internal Revenue Service requires an independent appraisal with comparables for items or a collection of items over a certain value.

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"Paris Street Scene"Edouard Cortes (1882 - 1969)Oil on Canvas -Appraisals and Consulting Services
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"Paris Street Scene"
Edouard Cortes (1882 - 1969)
Oil on Canvas
Estate Planning—an inventory to determine tangible assets and to assist with planned gifts and distributions. Estate Tax—An inventory with individual values and a total value as of the date of death or alternative date as required.

Family Division/ Equitable Distribution
For the distribution of property in a divorce or to determine shares in a joint asset.

To document the value of a fine art item or collection used as collateral to obtain a loan.

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"Landscape with Rams",Carl Rungius (1869 - 1959 Oil on canvas -Appraisals and Consulting Services
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"Landscape with Rams",
Carl Rungius (1869 - 1959
Oil on canvas
We provide important advice for the collector, institution, or financial entity regarding the acquisition or sale of fine art, with connoiseurship in sporting and wildlife art. This might be informative on price, condition and aesthetic merits, as well as historical background and appropriateness for a collection or space.

Robert J. Koenke & Associates acts as agent to arrange private, confidential sales of estates, collections, or single items. We can advise on potential auction purchases and opportunities as well as act as bidding agents. We can also locate specific fine art in retail and auction markets.

"Blue Dog Series" George Rodrique (1944 - 2013) Acrylic on Canvas -Appraisals and Consulting Services
"Blue Dog Series"
George Rodrique (1944 - 2013)
Acrylic on Canvas
Robert J. Koenke & Associates provides appraisal and consultation services in the fine arts and other areas. We offer clients a special blend of connoiseurship and professionalism in the appraisal field.

Our written appraisals reflect a thorough understanding of the clients` requirements, appropriate research and careful consideration of valuation reflecting the marketplace. Collectors, museums, insurance companies, financial institutions, attorneys, trust officers and claim adjusters all rely upon our appraisal expertise.

Appraisals produced by Robert J. Koenke & Associates conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and to the standards and ethics established by the American Society of Appraisers. Our appraisal reports conform to Internal Revenue Service Guidelines, offering comparable sale information, justification for values, and are accepted for the purpose of estate tax and charitable donation.

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